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more than my own life...

about me

my name is kristie, i'm in my first year of university. i'm a resident in vancouver, canada. i'm the oldest between my siblings; with two younger brothers. i have seven piercings, two on my left ear, five on my right. my hair has been dyed many times, right now its dark brown. i'm a friendly and outgoing person. i'm very random, sometimes i don't even realize i've said something until someone tells me. i love watching movies, i go to the movie theatre almost every weekend. music is my life. i love to shop, it takes a lot of self control for me to leave a store without buying anything. but i can successfully do it if i do not fall in love with an item in the store. usually i rethink in my head about it. i love my itouch to death; i never leave home without it. same with my blackberry, i hate being apart from my cell because i feel naked if i don't have it with me. i love to read and write. in the summertime i sit out in the sunshine and read or reread books. in the winter i sit in front of the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate.

the lj

my lj is semi-friends only, the only things i have for the public are my unwritten moments and fanfic. everything else is locked. if you wish to be added, leave me a comment on my friending meme. if we have something in common i'll add you.

for the icons and mood theme, i dont have the names of the people who made them. i dont take any credit for any of them. if you know you've made something and would like me to credit you, please tell me and i will.

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